If you want to promote something online yourself, whether it be a mobile app, an event, a song, a video, a film, a book you have written and so on, there will always be a similar formula to follow to make sure you are reaching your target audience as best as you can.  Here are some tips to get you started.

Some handy tools we recommend

There is a vast array of free online tools you can use to help you with your promoting. Do follow our pages on social media for daily helpful tips and advice too, we love to spread the love.

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What Do You Want To Promote?

Some handy tips and advice for whatever you want to promote online.  Harness the power of the web to reach your target audience directly.

Find your online voice and engage!

For Example: Lets say you have just designed a new mobile app, how would you compete with the thousands of apps that are all fighting for attention along with yours in a cluttered app store? What steps would you take to spread the word and get people downloading? Here are just a few examples of essential aspects you would need to work on and think about.

Have A Plan - Get organised with several plans to market your app and most of all make sure it's clear to the end user why your app is special and what it has to offer them. Nail down the Unique Selling Point (USP) of your app. On deciding your selling point, frame promotional strategies based on your USP.  What problem does your app solve?  What value does your app bring to your audience?

The most important thing is to have a plan  


Good Meta-Data and App Description - Take advantage of descriptions and keywords so that your app will be indexed by search engines and found easily on the web and stores. Make sure your app is categorised correctly and your description tells potential users what problem your app solves.

Branding - Having an eye-catching app icon logo and a sleek looking app design and presentation will go a long way. Beautiful designs sell and gain more attention by potential users in stores.

Website - Promoting your app via your own website will give you the chance to really show what your app has to offer in greater detail through tutorial videos, graphics and more.

Good User Reviews -

Reviews play a vital role in a potential users decision whether or not to download/purchase an app when they come across it.

Use Social Media - Think about how your app can incorporate social media and build that functionality into your app. Create social media profiles for your app and use them as platforms to communicate with your users and get feedback on your app. Target relevant groups and blogs. This will help with overall user feedback, building up a database of users, and content sharing.

Get people talking -

Create a buzz about your app before it has launched. E-mail people who write about things that relate to your app and see if they will talk up the upcoming release of your app.

Engage with your users - Understand your customers. Who are the people who will use your app and visit the best places to find them online? Tell them about your app.

Trello - We love to use this for planning projects and visualising ideas.

Buffer - Fantastic tool for planning and scheduling social media posts.

Tweetdeck - This is our favourite Twitter dashboard tool, post, schedule, search hashtags and more.

Canva - A  useful tool to create and design anything online for web or print.

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